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Menu for the Week of february 6th

In addition to the delicious meals below, we'll always have our wonderful salad bar with plenty of options.

Have a great week and enjoy!

Monday: Soup & Salad Day

Cobb Salad

New England Clam Chowder

Curry Coconut Lentil Soup

Dinner Rolls & Butter

Tuesday:  A Bit of "This & That"

Will include Lasagna with Italian Sausage & Spinach, Chicken & Dumplings, Gnocchi with Brussels Sprouts & Brown Butter,

and Oven Roasted Bok Choy with Garlic


Cod Proven├žale

Mushroom Risotto

Roasted Fall Vegetables


Curried Chicken

Coconut Rice

Vegetable Medley

Naan Bread

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